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What are Panthers’ dress regulations?
  • Please wear neat, clean and occasion-appropriate clothing and footwear
  • National dress, where appropriate, is welcome
  • Headwear is acceptable provided it does not cover the face and caps must be worn forwards
  • Fancy dress costumes need to be pre-approved by management
  • Untidy, torn, ripped, ragged or unclean clothing or footwear is not acceptable
  • Offensive clothing is not acceptable (e.g. items bearing slogans/imagery or associated with criminal organisations, motorcycle gangs, gang colours or fight apparel)
  • Jewellery/accessories that could be used as a weapon are not acceptable (e.g. knuckledusters, large dress rings, studded belts/collars.)
  • Revealing, provocative or immodest clothing is not acceptable (e.g. No short shorts/miniskirts that expose the buttocks/crotch areas when walking/sitting/standing. No bathers/bikini tops/exposed bralettes or crop tops)
  • Bare feet, sports boots or studded boots are not acceptable
  • After 10pm, rubber thongs, gumboots, crocs, slippers, singlets/sleeveshirts for men and football shorts are not acceptable
What are the lock out times for visitors?

Entry is restricted to Members only after 2am every night until the Club reopens again at 9am.

What are Panthers’ opening hours?

9am – 6am everyday.

Please visit our About Us page for more information about opening hours.

Is ID required to enter Panthers?

A member is required to show his/her membership card to door staff.  Guests are required to show an acceptable proof if identification on entry. Door staff or security have the right to refuse admission to anyone unless proof of membership or acceptable proof of age or guest bona fides can be shown.

Does Panthers have a courtesy bus?

Panthers has a courtesy bus coming soon!

What time do children under the age of 18 need to leave Panthers?

Children under the age of 18 are allowed on the Panthers Glenbrook premises until 11pm each night. The only exception to this rule is New Year’s Eve where they are allowed on the premises until 12:30am.

What are the Merchandise Shop’s opening hours?

Monday: 9am – 10pm
Tuesday: 9am – 10pm
Wednesday: 9am – 10pm
Thursday: 9am – 10pm
Friday: 9am – Midnight
Saturday: 9am – Midnight
Sunday: 9am – 10pm

The Panthers Merchandise Shop is open 24/7 online!

What are the current job opportunities at Panthers?

See our current job opportunities on the Panthers Careers page.


What’s on at Panthers?

Plenty! Please check out our What’s On Calendar for everything that’s on at Panthers Glenbrook.

What live entertainment is on at Panthers?

To check out the live entertainment on at Panthers, visit our What’s On Calendar or check out our Live Music page.

What live sports can I watch at Panthers?

Panthers Glenbrook is home to the Basement Sports Bar, the ultimate destination for live sport in Penrith! We show every NRL game live, plus UFC, English Premier League, A-League and Rugby Union. If you’re an American sports fan, you can also watch the NFL, NBA and MBL too. Check out live games on our BIG screens in the Basement or on our many screens throughout the Club.

What school holiday activities are on at Panthers?

Every school holidays, we create an exciting line-up of fun and entertainment for kids to enjoy. Panthers usual school holiday activities includes kid’s live shows, kid’s discos, kid’s bingo, kid’s movies on the big screen and sports clinics for a range of different sports.

Check out the upcoming school holidays line-up of kid’s events here!

When is Drag Bingo next on?

Drag Bingo is on in Dom’s Cocktail Lounge on the first Thursday of every month. Check out our What’s On Calendar to see all the upcoming Drag Bingo events.

Is Panthers a Ticketek Agency?

Yes, Panthers Glenbrook is an official Ticketek Agency. Please visit our Main Reception to purchase tickets for Ticketek events, and don’t forget to check out the awesome Box Office events on sale now in the EVAN Theatre.

How do I enquire about performing at Panthers?

Please fill out the contact form below to enquire to our Entertainment team about performing at Panthers.


How much is a Panthers membership?

Only $5! To find out all the awesome benefits of being a Panthers membership that just $5 will give you, visit our Membership page!

Is it possible to join or renew your membership online?

Yes! Join Panthers online here.


What restaurants are at Panthers?

We have 11 restaurants at Panthers Glenbrook, catering to every taste! Visit our Eat page to check out all the restaurants you can enjoy at Panthers.

What are the restaurants’ opening hours?

Visit our Eat page and click on your favourite restaurant to see their opening hours, menu and how to book now!

How do I book a table for a restaurant or bar at Panthers?

To book a table at a Panthers restaurant, visit our Eat page and click on your favourite restaurant for information on how to book and contact information.

To book a table or section at a Panthers bar, please fill out the contact form below or call (02) 4720 5511.

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How do I contact specific areas of Panthers?

Event Centre

Call (02) 4720 5511 or send a message to



Call (02) 4720 5604.


Event Centre

Send a message to


Rugby League

Send a message to

Have a question we haven’t answered here? Please Contact Us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help!

Phone: 1300PANTHERS | 1800 061 991

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